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How To Provide Quality Content

How To Provide Superior Quality Content Google Prefers

The quality content metrics measured by Google will harm your search engine rankings if not addressed & correctly optimised. If you know precisely exactly what Google desires from a top ranking website you can still show up well in SERPs.

Google will de-index a web site found to be influencing its SERPs results using bad quality search engine optimization methods. Influence your search engine rankings in Google by providing what Google regards to be an Continue reading

House Building

Building a House

The first steps for house construction are to clear the land to plan size, hopefully preserving worthwhile trees or shrubs as desired.

With far too few new builds coming on line annually, prices for UK property are outstripping supply and an extensive construction of at least 200,000 new properties a year is needed for the next decade to catch up and contain price inflation.

The foundations are dug, normally Continue reading